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Project Topics

SAP S/4HANA Delivers Massive Simplifications In All Aspect Of Application - Customer Adoption, Data Model, User Experience, Business Processes. It’s SAP Response To New Generation Innovations (Internet Of Things, Big Data And Mobile). S/4 HANA Principals: Simplified Data Models, Completely Fiori, Guided Configuration. Since S/4 HANA is based on HANA, With HANA SAP got luxury to redesign the core process flow eliminating aggregates, indices and redundant tables. They drastically reduced the number of tables required for all major transaction processing. For example a finance application which was running with more than 20 tables, can now be supported with 4 tables. SAP introduced Simple finance powered by SAP HANA and it lies at the core of S/4 HANA.

  • Unit 1: Welcome to SAP S4 HANA Training
  • Unit 2: Introduction to SAP S4 HANA Training Course
  • Unit 3: Market Background to S/4HANA
  • Unit 4: Innovation & Simplification
  • Unit 5: Simple Finance as Frontrunner
  • Unit 6: Roadmapping and the next steps to SAP S4 HANA Training
  • Unit 7: Start now, a project cloud approach to get proof fast
  • Unit 8: SAP S/4HANA fueling the Digital Transformation
  • Unit 9: Who Can Learn:
    • Who are interested SAP S/4HANA with out having technical SAP background knowledge
  • Unit 10: Audience suitable for SAP S4 HANA Training
    • Application Consultant
    • Solution Architect
    • Technology Consultant
    • System Architect
    • IT Manager
    • Project Manager
    • Executives
  • Unit 11: Mode of Training for SAP S4 HANA Training